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Copper Drinking Straws The Naturalist You
Copper Drinking Straws The Naturalist You
Copper Drinking Straws The Naturalist You
Copper Drinking Straws The Naturalist You

Copper Drinking Straws

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Save the environment with our TNU copper drinking straws!

These beautiful straws are Zero Waste and come in a reusable cotton bag. You can carry your straws in style, use, wash, dry them and pack up again for next time.


  • Reduce your personal plastic waste
  • Save the environment from 584 straws a year
  • Share these 5 straws with family and friends
  • Look stylish while sipping beverages
  • Know that your actions of using reusable and long-lasting solutions is helping environmental impacts
  • Cleaning is easy with a specialized brush to clean the insides

Recently, straws have become a talking point when it comes to how our actions can make a positive impact on the environment.

The average consumer uses 584 plastic straws a year or 1.6 per day. That number is horrendous and has been at the center of discussion for the last year or so.

Our TNU eco-friendly and food safe copper straws promise hope for future generations as well as saving resources and plastic waste from destroying environmental areas. They are extremely stylish and fashionable while being reusable and practically indestructible.

The five straws included allowing for a varied selection, with 3 straight straws and 2 bent.

You’ll be able to easily clean them to keep them working well, with two straw brushes included with the package.

And make sure to use them as a talking point to educate friends, family, or strangers on how they can make the switch as well. With these 5 straws, there are more than enough to share. 

About Straws

  • Food grade copper straws
  • Super stylish
  • Not intended for hot drinks (Ouch)!
  • Ecofriendly – no plastic
  • Will last forever
  • Reusable
  • Not Dishwasher safe, hand wash only

What’s included

  • 5 straws (2 bent, 3 straight)
  • 2 cleaning brushes

Cleaning and retaining its shine is easy. Just use salt and lemon juice to clean and reshine.