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Copper Tongue Cleaner The Naturalist You
Copper Tongue Cleaner The Naturalist You

Copper Tongue Cleaner

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Our tongue cleaner is created from 100% pure food grade copper. The most effective way to eradicate toxins from your mouth and freshen your breath is to scrape them right off the top of your tongue.

Copper is the most ideal metal for use as it is anti bacterial and able to expel toxins without contaminating the scraper over time.

Using our Copper Tongue Scraper will reduce the built up bacteria that coats your tongue making it look white. It not only dulls the sensations of taste and smell but creates foul smell too. Scraping everyday will make your mouth feel fresher and healthier and enhance your oral health.

How to use:

  1. Hold the scraper by the ends of its arms
  2. Place the horseshoe shaped end at the back of the tongue
  3. Apply light pressure against the end of the tongue, pull forward, scraping off the white coating on your tongue.
  4. Rinse scraper in water
  5. Repeat if you need to
  6. Place scraper in a dry spot when finished
  7. Clean with lemon and salt periodically 

You can’t always get all of the bacteria out of your mouth just by brushing. Mouthwash can have some unsightly chemicals. Neither of the two leave your tongue feeling all that clean, either.

To get all the bacteria off your tongue simply, quickly, and without any strange tastes, a copper tongue cleaner might be just what you need.