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Green Tea (Chun-Mee) The Naturalist You
Green Tea (Chun-Mee) The Naturalist You

Green Tea (Chun-Mee)

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Did you know that the Organic Chun Mee Green Tea is a Chinese classic and the most consumed tea in China? Gently hand-rolled, this tea has a distinctive eye-brow shape, giving rise to its common nickname “precious eyebrows”.

Enjoy its medium golden infusion with a special slight fruity plum-like tanginess. You’ll even taste a slight smokiness, thanks to the firing process used in its creation.

Benefits include its anti-aging properties and is high in antioxidants. Also known to help prevent ailments such as heart disease and stroke. This tea will help you achieve better and younger skin too, while its high caffeine content will give you an energy boost.