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Tranquility (Lavender and Chamomile) Tea The Naturalist You
Tranquility (Lavender and Chamomile) Tea The Naturalist You

Tranquility Tea

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For perfect tranquillity, indulge in a cup of our Organic Chamomile and wild-grown Lavender Flower brew. We’ve matched them perfectly to create the perfect restful, relaxing and soothing haven for your fatigued mind and body.


Enjoy not only the delicate floral aroma but also its strong, potent healing properties. Both Chamomile and Lavender are known as natural sedatives and anti-inflammatories. They’re very effective at relieving stress, insomnia, migraine headaches, muscle tension and more. You’ll find relief from digestive issue, allergic reactions, skin irritations and gastrointestinal pain too.

Chamomile: A mild sedative that relieves anxiety and insomnia as well as stress-related indigestion.

Lavender: A mild sedative that helps soothe and support the nervous system. Lavender will give you relief from headaches, nervousness depression as well as restlessness.